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Provider overview

Citrix ShareFile provides automated workflows to help remote teams collaborate efficiently. It does so by providing a range of features such as instant tracking to inform collaborators of updates to a file or document.

Teams can also utilize built-in features to review document feedback, request and provide approvals, and edit documents simultaneously with other users in real-time. The tool also has the ability to capture legally recognized electronic signatures to save additional costs on other e-signature solutions.

Pros and Cons of Citrix VDR


  • Expiration dates can be set on files to optimize security and control readership.
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface and is simple to navigate.
  • The solution offers the ability to monitor who accesses documents in an audit-friendly way.


  • Not as well-known as other file-sharing tools, which means the link can drop into spam folders or make users reluctant to open them.
  • Citrix ShareFile reviews show that pricing can be a little expensive, especially with scaling the number of users.
  • The platform can struggle with uploading and sharing large files. This is especially the case on mobile devices.

Citrix features

The main features of Citrix VDR are summarized here:

  • Secure sharing of large documents in a variety of file types
  • Unlike free online document sharing, in-transit data is protected to bank-grade standards to ensure HIPAA and other regulatory compliance
  • Capture edits, e-signatures, and approvals on any document on any device
  • Custom workflows can also be created for teams to optimize sharing, edits, review processes, and approvals in an efficient way

Citrix pricing

A Citrix VDR comes in three different pricing plans. These can be billed monthly or annually, at a slight discount.

For $50 per month, the Standard plan provides up to five (5) users to store, sync, and share across desktop and mobile apps.

For additional plugins such as Microsoft Outlook and Gmail and advanced collaboration and security features, the Advanced plan is billed annually at $77 per month.

The $122 per month premium plan also offers electronic signature functionality and the ability to create customized workflows. This reduces the cost of separate e-signature platforms. It also enables teams to configure workflows specific to their own setup, organizational structure, and is adaptable and suitable for different ways of working.

Satisfaction score

Meets Requirements91%
Ease of Use92%
Ease of Setup86%
Quality of Support82%
Ease of Doing Business With72%
Ease of Admin83%