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Provider overview

Clinked provides custom-branded solutions for a variety of sharing and collaboration tools. These include branded and fully secure client and partner portals, file sharing, intranets, storage solutions, and virtual data rooms.

The Clinked solutions are built for the cloud and can be tailored for a variety of different industries. The platform can be viewed online and designed for use across different devices and operating systems.

Pros and cons of a Clinked data room

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons as expressed in Clinked virtual data room reviews:


  • Clinked data room provides a comprehensive range of brandable solutions.
  • It can be customized to several different industries, including accounting, financial services, insurance, legal services, and the public sector.
  • Combines the security and collaboration features with the ability to customize branding to suit clients and partners.


  • Flexibility and customization features could be a little easier to use.
  • The private cloud environment is challenging to customize to distinguish between the standard and custom designs.
  • Lack of integration with cloud applications such as G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 limits functionality.

Clinked features

The Clinked data room offers a range of features, summarized as follows:

  • Efficient content sharing. The tool enables users to store and share files and documents from a highly secure environment.
  • Access from any device. Accessible on all devices, and document previews available for maximum convenience.
  • Secure and auditable activity. Functionality such as identity management, multiple file uploads, and version control means all activity is kept highly secure and fully auditable.
  • Data protection. Clinked uses the AWS cloud for maximum security and has 256-bit encryption for at rest and in-transit data.
  • Full audit trail. For compliance purposes, the Clinked data room also provides full audit trails and user login visibility. Data uploads and file deletions can be tracked down to individual users.

Clinked pricing structure

Clinked virtual data room comes in four pricing tiers. It can be billed monthly or annually, with a 16% discount for a 12-month contract or a 35% discount for a 24-month contract.

A basic plan starts with Lite, but upgraded plans are available — Standard, Premium, and Enterprise with ascending features and document storage capacities. The popular white-labeled mobile application starts at the Enterprise plan.

Satisfaction score

Meets Requirements93%
Ease of Use88%
Ease of Setup52%
Quality of Support85%
Ease of Doing Business With70%
Ease of Admin72%