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Profile overview

The RR Donnelley virtual data room is a sophisticated virtual deal room. The solution is powered by AI and machine learning and offers insights to inform and guide executive-level deals as they progress.

The Donnelley virtual data room gives the ability to work simultaneously on multiple deals in separate workrooms. It also provides a variety of sharing and collaboration features for users to store, share, and collaborate on files during every stage of a deal project.

There are some pros and cons to the RR Donnelley VDR as shown in user reviews. See them below.

Pros and cons of RR Donnelley data room


  • Experienced and well-known solution in the market. Long-established name with a reputation for reliability.
  • Flawless reputation for security, with the highest encryption levels and track record.
  • Award-winning, including VDR of the Year from 2016 to 2018.


  • Limited usage for the AI features with limited intelligence on live deals the customer is working on.
  • AI feature is billed as the differentiator, but several customers claim it lacks use for their needs.
  • Lacking some of usability features that other data room providers offer.

RR Donnelley features

Donnelley Venue categorizes its features into five broad categories:

  • Quick setup provides the ability for new customers to spin up their virtual data room environment without hassle. Existing customers can also create new projects that are siloed from other M&A initiatives. Bulk upload functionality enables users to get started quickly by loading project files on mass into the data room.
  • Security features are also first-class to protect customers’ data. These are led by 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication for users to log in.
  • Reporting and analytics of real progress and document usage are provided through a range of customizable dashboards and graphs.
  • For efficiency, workflows can be created to provide granular and helicopter views of projects and statuses.
  • AI feature allows automation of processes to reduce the time required for due diligence activities and after-deal integration work.


The pricing model of RR Donnelley is quote-based, which is why prospective customers are invited to contact a RR Donnelley VDR rep to arrange an online demo session.

The product is available in various plans depending on customer requirements, the number of users needing access, and the number of concurrent deals being worked on.

Satisfaction score

Meets Requirements89%
Ease of Use78%
Ease of Setup67%
Quality of Support75%
Ease of Doing Business With71%
Ease of Admin60%