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Profile overview

The Intralinks data room offers a range of features to facilitate smoother deal processes on M&A, fundraising, and IPO-level negotiations. The tool provides various automation features and workflows designed to provide a secure environment to project collaborators.

Key functionalities of the tool include high-level security levels and an innovative user interface. This facilitates a virtual teams’ ability to collaborate on high-level deals efficiently and provides visibility from overviews to granular document tracking.

User reviews of the product indicate some pros and cons. We briefly overview these below.

Pros and cons of Intralinks virtual data room


  • Simple administration of user access controls enables new collaborators to be added quickly and easily.
  • Large file sharing functionality is highly reliable and offers fully auditable revision history and access records.
  • Solid history in the field. This provider enables focus on large-scale deals to allow executive teams to do what they need to do.


  • Lack of control over what documents can be uploaded means that some files could be mistakenly loaded into the Intralinks data room.
  • Users can access the Intralinks virtual data room from an unsecured Wi-Fi network which poses a potential security breach.
  • Price can be expensive compared to other providers. As more VDR solutions have come on the market, Intralinks’ features have become harder to justify.

Intralinks features

Intralinks virtual data room provides a range of features to support deal-making. The tool can be spun up quickly to support a new deal or opportunity.

Documentation can be prepared in advance of the due diligence stage. Admins can do this for all documents at the start of the project using bulk uploads and drag-and-drop tools. Users can be invited to a project with personalized emails and redacted at the touch of a button if required.

The tool also features AI capability to track across different files and assist with managing documents. Executives can also view the deal’s progress and who has reviewed and updated a document with dashboards. These can be set up to view data on a document, team, and user-level granularity.

Intralinks pricing

Prospective customers are invited to request a quote customized to their deal needs, numbers of users, and other variables.

Satisfaction score

Meets Requirements88%
Ease of Use76%
Ease of Setup60%
Quality of Support80%
Ease of Doing Business With75%
Ease of Admin63%