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SecureDocs Virtual Data Room Overview

SecureDocs is a virtual data room service that perfectly addresses the need to share and store files securely. Used by companies like Asana, Buzzfeed or Inogen, it provides their customers with a top of the line secure file-hosting service. One of their distinguishing features is their setup speed. The SecureDocs VDR can be set up in 10 minutes without contacting the sales team.

Who does SecureDocs serve best?

  • Quick and hassle-free setup. After a quick setup process, you can look into various insights provided by the SecureDocs virtual data room interface. Offering an intuitive and easy to follow design, SecureDocs does not hinder client usage.
  • Enhanced data protection and security. You can give and revoke access to sensitive data, enable two-factor authentication, or even customize your NDAs in the virtual data room. It is SecureDocs’ number one priority to make your files as protected as possible.
  • Smart document search. Thanks to the Advanced OCR text search you won’t have to spend a long time searching for documents.
  • Built-in digital signature. SecureDocs is the only virtual data room provider that offers a built-in electric signature. Signing within the VDR means you won’t have to use third-party apps to sign necessary files.

SecureDocs pricing

In opposition to virtual data room providers who offer quote-based pricing, at SecureDocs we are greeted with a flat-fee offer. There are two plans to choose from:

  • 3-month plan. Costs $400 per month and is billed quarterly. Great for short-term projects.
  • 12-month plan. Costs $250 per month and is billed annually. Designed for a longer cooperative effort, and creation of an online file repository.

There is also an individual Volume Packages deal, but pricing for this custom package is only available by contacting the SecureDocs sales team.

Pros and cons of SecureDocs VDR


  • Quick setup and excellent customer support
  • One platform for multiple uses
  • Useful watermarking feature helps trail who printed the document


  • No PowerPoint presentation preview
  • Can’t add website links to folders
  • Minor problems with permission settings

SecureDocs is a virtual data room provider that can be set up in minutes. Their secure infrastructure helps in data management, and the signature feature saves a lot of time. Pricing transparency with their flat-fee plans is also beneficial to the user.

Satisfaction score

Meets Requirements10%
Ease of Use73%
Ease of Setup85%
Quality of Support63%
Ease of Doing Business With90%
Ease of Admin93%